Death, Burial and Cremation

July 21st, 2015
by Mark Hale

CremationThe death of a loved one is a devastating experience for any family. No one would want to lose a dear friend or a cherished family member. Suffering from the loss of a loved one is indeed a very painful experience and without a doubt, this will bring sadness to family and friends. However, people believe that death is just the beginning of a new life – the start of a new journey. Many people believe in the afterlife – a life of eternal bliss and happiness that is experienced after one’s death.

Of course, it would be hard at first to let go of an important person in your life. At first, it may be difficult to accept a great loss and to overcome a great sorrow, but time will heal all wounds.

Giving a loved one the proper farewell helps you to accept what has happened and lets you have closure. A funeral is commonly held by family and friends to mourn the loss of a loved one and eventually, to move on.

There are many different types of burying the dead all over the world. This practice has been observed for thousands of years even in the prehistoric ages. Evidence dates back to one hundred thousand years ago and up until now, this solemn ceremony is done by many people across the world.

The Main Reason for Human Burial

There are many different reasons why we bury the dead. From the prehistoric ages where human life was lived in simple means, humans began to evolve and think differently in the modern age, hence, now, there are many underlying reasons to these practices. These reasons may vary by culture, tradition, society and belief around the world but the most common reason for this practice is human respect. Leaving a corpse lying around would mean that wild animals and scavengers will eventually feed on the corpse. This may mean disrespect for many people. No one would want a family member to be food for beasts and wild creatures. Burying a dead body would allow it to decay underground where no one and nothing would be able to disturb it and will allow the person finally “rest in peace”. The need for closure is also one of the reasons why people bury their dead. The act of burying someone helps say goodbyes and allows family members to forget the pain they have gone through.

Types of Burial

The most common types of burial are natural burial and cremation. These methods are widely used by people all over the world, even those belonging to different cultures and countries.

Natural Burial
Natural burial is the process of burying a dead body into the earth and allowing it to naturally decompose. In this type of ceremony, family members mourn for the dead for a few days and then the dead is buried after the family’s farewell.

Cremation is a different method from traditional burials. Many family members may not approve of cremation and see it as a bitter way to bid a family member farewell, while some may see it as a meaningful way for someone to say goodbye. To avoid dispute in the future, these types of matters must be arranged and planned beforehand. Matters must be organized and planned to make things easier in planning for the funeral service.

Cremation involves burning of the body of the deceased and then the powdery remains of the bones are left. The ashes are given to the family to be taken care of. The family has the option to bury the remains or to keep it in their possession.

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May 20th, 2015
by Robert Apodaca

Identification cards or ID’s are very important in today’s world. These help authenticate and verify a person’s identity for various purposes. You need to present any sort of identification to perform financial transactions, job applications, legal transactions, and avail of courier and medical services. You’d also need one to vote during elections and to travel. You practically need your ID every single day.

Well, your ID card, like most things, diminishes in quality as it scrapes against stuff until one day, you get denied a service or rejected at an office. That is unless, of course, you have proper protection for your ID.

BADGE HOLDERSDon’t, even for a second, ever assume that your ID’s validity automatically reflects its usability because it just doesn’t. Your ID’s usability depends on how you use it and protect it. The former is pretty much self-explanatory but for the latter, you’ll need a physical shield. One way to do that is by using badge holders.

Badge holders are used for three primary reasons: to seal and hold the ID card, to protect the data on the ID card, and to extend its life as much as possible.

It is not surprising and unusual that people don’t pay much attention to these things because these are rather minute details in their daily lives as businessmen, employees, students and customers. If you ask around what people are most concerned about when they go out, food, photos, traffic and their ETA’s probably will top the list.

Think about how many times in your life you heard people say, “Guess what I did today. I got a new ID holder!” or “look how cool my badge holder is!” You really don’t have to count or think hard because that has happened zero times. No one says these things.

Oftentimes, people put IDs in bags, pockets or wallets together with keys, coins, paper clips and pens. And no matter how great the technology used in making your ID is, in terms of the chemical composition of the card and the printing technology, it’s still no match against sharp objects. They can literally scratch the surface with relative ease and completely erase your employee or identification number over time.

Badge holders protect your ID from any physical damage while maintaining its clear visibility. As a matter of fact, most of the available badge holders in stores are transparent and have a flexible but sturdy finish. They are typically designed to be tear-resistant so they use a specifically engineered combination of chemical substances such as PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) and silicone.

Each holder has a slot for the card and a chain hole for a lanyard, clip or badge reel. There are stores that sell holders by piece, while some sell them in packs of 20, 50 and 100. The lanyards and clips are usually sold separately; however, there are certain holders which are attached to a retractable lanyard.

Cleaning your ID card and holder is very important. If you spilled something on them like sauce for instance, you could be denied purchase of age-restricted items such as movies and alcoholic beverages if the clerk can’t verify certain details in your ID such as your name, age and photo.

You need to know the chemical construction of your ID and holder before using cleaning agents as it may yield undesirable effects after a chemical reaction of some sort occurs upon contact. However, you can use readily available household materials to clean your ID card and holder. Your regular dish soap, rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer can do the trick.

All in all, you need these badge holders every day as they protect your precious IDs, but you also have to take good care of these protective accessories.


Badge holders are used for primary reasons.

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Bulk Transactions with PCB Fabrication Companies

February 16th, 2015
by Elsie Hamilton

Hobbyist electricians who do not have the time, capacity, and resources to perform PCB fabrication themselvescan always turn to specialized PCB production houses to do the work for them. This way, they can concentrate more on soldering the necessary components, testing them out, and finalizing them for public consumption. If the hobbyist electrician is more into prototyping and experimentation, leaving PCB fabrication to those production houses is the norm. With the advent of the Internet, online PCB orders are commonplace for those hobbyists.

For the production houses to have an idea of what the finalized PCB will be like, the one who will be ordering the PCBs must first submit the following: the schematic diagram, the bill of materials, the data sheets of the components to be soldered into the PCB, the finalized layout file generated by a CAD program, and a file containing information on holes, or donuts, to be drilled. The requirements may vary from house to house, therefore contacting the house for a list of requirements or consulting the house’s website is a must. A minimum order requirement is also implemented; therefore a house that best meets the needed amount of PCBs must be selected carefully.

PCB fabricationThe PCB fabrication house may take a week or two, or even a month, in manufacturing the boards depending on the volume of the order; but the end result will always be a professional-quality batch of PCBs made to last. Characteristics of a professionally-made PCB include the following: 1) the substrate is made from FR-4, which is a flame-resistant woven glass-reinforced epoxy resin commonly found in PCBs of consumer electronics; 2) the usual PCB fabrication process is appended with additional steps such as E-testing, routing/V-scoring, and inspection – which are all performed between the etching and the final cleaning steps; 3) the PCB is compliant with environmental standards such as RoHS (the Restriction of Hazardous Substances) in Europe; 4) the donuts, or plated through holes, are smoother, more recognizable, and properly marked; 5) the traces and lines are clearly defined; and 6) there is an additional solder mask that mitigates the effects of overheating during soldering.

Depending on the size of the production house, a professionally-made PCB is made with advanced direct etching processes that skip the use of chemicals. A specialized cutter-plotter that etches the copper based on the digital pattern file fed from a computer into it is usually employed, but the plotter is slow and contributes to the long wait times most production houses implement.

There are some hobbyist electricians who prefer to order in low volumes at cheaper prices due to reasons such as one-time prototyping and small-scale production of custom-made electronic devices. Due to mass production, the cost of an actual small-sized PCB can be less than $2, if the production house wills it. China is a good source of cheap PCBs, but their quality can be compromised. Bootleg versions of popular gadgets such as iPhones are made with cheap PCBs that may run afoul of safety regulations. The price also depends on the layering of the foil. More layers mean higher prices. An extensive comparative analysis of prices from different production houses is required to get the best deal.

The last resort for those hobbyists is making the PCBs themselves, since cheap options such as using photo paper, laser printers, household clothes irons, and affordable chemicals are available. Drilling the donuts is another story due to the requirement of drills, drill stands, and drill bits. If the hobbyist is particularly not adept in drilling holes, there are also production houses that accept drilling services by themselves. If the requested PCB is a surface-mount one, drilling is out of the question, saving the hobbyists money.

Author Bio:

PCB fabrication is all about the assembly of circuit boards used in electronics and computers. The layers of Printed circuit board are assembled along with their specific surface patterns in order for them to be used in manufacturing electronics.


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Hybrid Clubs: The Clubs of a Modern Golf Player

February 10th, 2015
by Adam Livingston

Many people consider golf as a sport of choice and concentration. Playing golf is also a great way to build your social contacts and relationship with many people too. Some businessmen and salesmen use golf as a way to build a stronger and more established rapport with their clients and business associates. Others consider golf as a great way to spend time with their love ones and friends.

For some players and enthusiasts, golf is also a very expensive sport to play and maintain. Most golf equipments, especially golf clubs, are pretty expensive and costly. A lot of players, especially people from the upper class, can have their means to buy the latest and the best golf clubs available in the market today. However, there are also some golf players who purchase cheap golf clubs in order to enjoy this hobby too.

cheap golf clubsIf you are on a budget, buying golf clubs will not be as easy as an ordinary window shopping task. It may be a confusing situation for you to choose whether you will spend all your money to buy the expensive ones of the best quality or buy the cheap golf clubs available and spend your remaining money on other golf equipments. In buying your own set, always keep in mind that you should be as precise as possible and always stick to your budget. Cheap golf clubs are also pretty good since some golf companies are offering cheap golf clubs with good quality too.

There are four different types of golf clubs available in the market today: the wood, the iron, the putter, and the hybrid.

Wood types are especially made for long distance fairways. Irons, which are the most adaptable ones, are commonly used for different kinds of shots and situations. Putters are used to roll your target golf ball from the greens to the cup. And a hybrid, a combination of a wood and an iron, has the characteristics of both types.

Compared to the other golf types, the most increasing in popularity now is the hybrid. Hybrids have a club head which looks like a wood and are often used by many players for difficult roughs which require a long shot. For players who are having a hard time using a long iron for any long shots, then, hybrids will be easier for them to use.

Hybrids are also good substitutes for fairway woods although fairway woods have better speed and have greater chances for a better distance hit. However, hybrids feature lots of benefits for golf players of all levels.

Provides increased distance

A hybrid can send a ball with a distance of 5 to 8 yards further than how long an iron can do. If a three iron can send a ball with 160 yards, a three hybrid can send a ball with 165 yards. Since hybrids have increased trajectory, it gives extra driving distance to the club.

Superior Head Design

Hybrids are considered as more superior to the irons because of their head design. The head design for a hybrid allows more trajectories when the club is swing. Hybrids, like their iron counterpart, boost the golf player’s confidence when using them.

In addition to providing increased trajectory, better distance and boosting of the golf player’s confidence, hybrids also give other advantages to its user. These clubs, since they have a lighter weight, provide an easier swing ability to the user. These clubs also have a more forgiving face, which can assist the player more in making errant shots in the field.

Getting the right golf club for you is not an easy and ordinary task. Always remember that each golf player is different, some may be best for others and not good for you.

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Tips in Valuing Long island real estate

February 10th, 2015
by Jack Connor

If you buy a Long island real estate property, you should know its value so that the price being quoted is not above its worth. To know its value, you should determine the amount of money it should make. Other factors to consider which are also vital are age and demographics.

Know the location and legal description of the real estate property. Know its present condition so that you will know the kind of repairs you need to invest in. Check it properly and see if there are unauthorized dwellers there. Vacant properties are sometimes inhabited by these unauthorized dwellers.

Go to the office on property tax appraisal and check the property’s records. Remember that every county has a tax authority reporting a commercial and residential property. Hire a certified appraiser having experience in conducting a review that is comprehensive and independent.

Know the sum of money your Long island real estate property shall make. In order to get to its NOI or net operating income, know the difference of the total income it brings in such as fees and rent and then take away from this amount the expenditures. This kind of income is not your profit but it is your pre-taxes and it will tell you the amount of money your property takes in.

long island real estateThe next thing to calculate is the capitalization rate where you shall divide your NOI with the FMV or fair market value, your sale price or the amount asked for. The FMV shall be quoted to you by your agent specializing in commercial real estate properties. The percentage you get is usually six to ten percent. You should then divide the whole of your NOI with your capitalization rate. The number you get shall be the property’s value.

In valuing your commercial real estate, you should also determine the economics and demographics of the place. If the area is booming, the property may be more valuable in the future. It would then be wise to pay more than its current value. It may be costly now but it may be more cost efficient in the long run. This shall give you more profits.

Know the age of the real estate property. It shall sell for more if it is new and well-constructed. If it is old and dilapidated, you may spend more money to make it fully operational, so the property cost would have to be brought down.

Assess the maintenance cost of the property. Check tax obligations, incentives or exemptions. There are many counties that give tax credits to those businesses stimulating the economy of the locality such as job creations. Compute any material or equipment’s depreciated cost.

These are the tips you should know in valuing Long island real estate.

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5 Things You Could Turn Storage Containers Into

January 29th, 2015
by Eric Steele

Innovation is the word of the century. People have invented things and its disposal has been a problem for many years. Same with storage containers; once owners are done transporting or storing their products, disposal is a hassle. Fortunately, these containers are built to withstand time and are not easily destroyed. The only way of disposing it is not to dispose of it. You may put it up for sale or you transform it into something useful. Either way, you are the one who will benefit from it.

Here are some things that you could turn storage containers into:

1.Mobile home.

It probably is the most popular storage unit innovation. People who likes to camp out and travel find these metal containers an economic and an environmental friendly way to own a comfortable camping home. Since it is naturally rectangular in shape, it is easier to put up with. A few more touch ups and you’re good to go out in an adventure.

2.Stationary, fully-functional home.

Storage containersWith cost of living getting more expensive in many places, more and more people are turning into frugal living. Finding themselves in so much debt drove them to leave their current lifestyle and live within their means.

Owning a storage container and turning it into a fully functional house will definitely give you the peace of mind that you want. It doesn’t only cuts down your expenses, it will also save you a lot on mortgage. Since you’re living in a small space, mortgage will definitely go down a huge deal. And it will not compromise the quality of a fully functional home that you have always wanted.

3.Fully functional bathrooms.

If storage containers can be turned into a beautiful and modern dwelling places, much more that it can be turned into a fully functional and modern toilets and bath. Whether it’s an outdoor toilet and bath for your cabin in the woods or an indoor bathroom in your city apartment, these prefabricated containers will not spare you the comfort and feel the usual bathrooms have. In fact, it will add to the character of your house if you’re the creative type of person.

4.Mobile restaurants.

Everything is getting mobile in our era—even restaurants. There’s no stopping our young chefs/entrepreneurs to take their food to many places if it means better profit and a larger market. Although, of course, there are cons about getting your restaurant portable, the beauty of travelling and meeting people from different towns and states is just priceless.

5.Mobile classrooms.

Our educational system is turning mobile as well. It could be the only way to reach every children in the country, especially those who don’t have immediate access to education. Storage containers have been a wonderful mode of transport to provide books, computers, and internet to places untouched by commercialism and technology. The best thing about them is that they could be put up with solar panels, turning it into a solar powered, portable learning facility—perhaps one of the best innovations on these metal containers.

The possibilities for these once-built-for-specific-purpose storage units seem to be endless as the need arises. Sure it requires a very careful planning and a good amount of thought so it could be turned into dwelling units, but at the end of the day it is us who will benefit more.

These are made to be very sturdy and resilient to extreme weather conditions—they sure won’t vanish into thin air. It’s not as disposable as many other inventions of the century. Again, the only way to dispose them is to not dispose of them. It is definitely worth all the investment to turn them into something else.

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Employee Retention Tips for Small Businesses

January 29th, 2015
by Ron Smith

Employee retention may seem like a big problem for small businesses. The main concern here is finding out how you can give your employees the best work environment and compensation that will be at par with those of your biggest competitors. The truth is money is not all that matters for employees. In fact, there are people who leave their high-paying jobs because they do not like their managers or because their workplaces have become so toxic that they are suffering from too much stress. As a small business, you may not be able to compete eye to eye with the salaries that large companies are willing to give their personnel, but you can definitely ensure that you are giving your employees the wage that is commensurate to their skills and, more importantly, the healthy working environment that they deserve. That will be your key to improving employee retention and here are ways to achieve that.

Engage Your Employees

Employee retentionCommunication is important in any organization, at all levels. Being the boss does not mean that you should hide behind the doors of your office and let your managers or supervisors interact with the people under them. Your presence and concern are just as crucial to inspire your employees. It does not stop there, though. Engagement also includes cross-training your employees to get them to become more involved in the business. Activities that improve relationships among different ranks are also important in the engagement process and you have to sustain these.

Strengthen Employee Recognition Program

Many companies fail at this. They never realize the power of recognizing the hard work that a person has contributed to the success of an organization and so they find out one day that the employee has left in search of a more satisfying job. A simple thank you or a certificate of recognition is usually enough because these small gestures can convey your appreciation for your staff’s contribution.

Conduct Regular Reviews and Evaluations

At least once a year, have a manager speak one on one with their subordinates to evaluate their performance in the previous year. Some companies use this to assess promotions or salary increases and at the same time understand their employees. That means knowing their goals, objectives, ambitions, and even their complaints. Knowing these can make you act on supporting them and changing certain areas in your system or organization that are causing dissatisfaction among the majority. If you can solve small problems as they sprout, you can avoid a major trouble that can result to losing several employees at the same time.

Ample Health Benefits

You may not be able to match the high salaries that big companies can offer their employees but you can give your staff good health benefits. With the rising cost of health care, many people now are giving this factor huge importance when choosing the company that they work for. Here is one good tip to save money – try varying your health benefits depending on the ranks or the nature of a person’s job so that you can save on some.

Empower Your Staff

Employees want to be valued and trusted. No matter how much training you provide them, if you fail to trust them enough to assign challenging work to them, then you still compromise your employee retention. Doubting the capabilities of your employees is a blow to their egos and their profession, so learn to trust, delegate, and continue to challenge them.

Exit Interviews are Important

Small businesses cannot perfect all the strategies leading to employee retention immediately. Hence, they stand the chance of going through a phase of losing employees successively. Instead of being frustrated, use this to learn how to improve your organization. The information that employees share during exit interviews may be harsh, but try to understand them and treat them as helpful criticisms that you can use to your advantage.

Believe it or not, there are small businesses that have kept the same roster of employees for the past decade and that can be greatly attributed to their efficiency in strengthening the relationship across the ranks.

TalentKeepers has been the leader in employee retention solutions for well over a decade.

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